Recital Prep!


Recital season is here, and the AWSOM Spring Recitals are just around the corner (May 5th and 6th)! Our students are working hard on their music, and I have a few extra tips to really help make your performance shine!


It is a completely different experience to play music on a stage in front of an audience instead of in the comfort of your own home. I recommend that your first time playing your pieces for other people should not be at the recital. Start by asking your immediate family members to actively listen to your music (instead of the usual passive listening that's done from a different room or while doing another activity). Set-up a few chairs facing you, and ask them to watch you as they would at the recital. You can also think about branching out to close friends and extended family members. Once you feel a stronger sense of confidence, take your performance to school! Most music and classroom teachers would be thrilled to listen to your hard work! You do not need to ask for feedback, simply having people watch you perform will be incredibly helpful. Come recital time, you will be an expert at performing simply because you’ve done it so many times before!


Because the clothes we wear when performing is different from everyday wear, it is important to think about any impact they might have on your ability to perform. Looking nice is important, but so is feeling comfortable. Performing often contributes to shallow breaths already, which is a real problem, especially for wind players and singers. It is no big surprise that tight clothing can exacerbate this problem. Shoes can be another major issue. Fancy shoes can be painful, distracting, and make you feel wobbly. Pianists have the extra concern of being able to properly use the foot pedal. And lastly your performance clothes can contribute to an uncomfortable body temperature. Many performers sweat quite a bit while on stage, and this should be taken into consideration when deciding on what you are going to wear! Try practicing in your performance clothes (shoes included) to see how comfortable you are!


It is very easy to have tension in the weeks and days leading up to a performance. However, the best music is made from a calm and clear mind. Give yourself plenty of self-care between now and the recital so you can walk on stage feeling energized, refreshed, and enthusiastic! If you enjoy performing, the audience will enjoy watching!

Good luck to everyone performing! AWSOM recitals are always an inspiring time students, parents, and teachers alike! See you there!