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After working with AWSOM for 2 years, I am now making almost 50 percent more income than I was making as a classroom teacher at the peak of my career! I really enjoy teaching piano in homes, and it’s great to be able to set my own schedule.
— John
AWSOM allowed me to not only play an active role in our vibrant community, but has also given me the wonderful opportunity to make music everyday with talented and enthusiastic musicians. I am so grateful for both of these opportunities.
— Kate
Rather than working alone and taking on every facet of running a business, AWSOM takes care of the details so that I can focus on teaching, making music, and earning a musical income.
— Nathan

All Instruments!


excellent  -  we hire only the best teachers, and our hiring process helps us find them.

qualified  -  our teachers are experts in the field and have the credentials needed.

team-players  -  working with others only betters ourselves as teachers.

clean  -  background checked, and in agreement with our drug/alcohol policy.

passionate  -  earning is good, doing what you love is amazing! 

reliable  -  on time, every time, dependable and trustworthy.


Advertising - we handle marketing online and in print advertising to fill your week with students, with a dedicated member of staff devoted to marketing.

Invoicing - don't worry about getting paid, our online payment system is excellent and gets you paid on time.

Scheduling - driving from town to town to town is for buffoons, your schedule will maximize teaching time.

Recitals - planning big events is our thing - leave us to create a memorable experience for your students.

Community - linking you with our teachers provides a community feel where we learn and grow as teachers.

EXPERIENCE - YEARS OF TEACHING IN SEATTLE ALLOWS US THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET YOU TEACHING AND DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. with a devoted member of staff answering phone calls, and email inquiries, we have what you need - all hands on deck to get you students.


Cover Letter - we're interested in why you want to join us.

Resume - we want to find out what your story is so far.


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