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We are excited that you are interested in joining our teacher team. We see it as exactly that. A team of the regions top music teachers that come together, to learn from each other, work together, and train the next generation of musicians together.

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Please also submit a resume, cover letter, and link to a 15-minute intro lesson example video separately by email to hello@awsom.info. Without this we cannot process your application. We look forward to talking with you soon, and wish you all the best in your application! Most videos we get are recorded from a phone sitting on the music stand. It doesn't need to be a high quality production, but allow us to have a glimpse into your teaching style. Please give an introduction lesson to a friend or family member who does not play the instrument. Really think about what concepts you are going to address and how to accurately show your teaching personality. Aim to have your student show immediate progress by using your time to focus on attainable skills rather than those that require hours of practice to perfect.

The AWSOM Team