Complicated terms and conditions are a pain to read and have hidden agendas. We wanted to keep ours simple and easy to read. It's also worth visiting our Questions page, if there's anything else that is left unanswered for you!

By accepting our terms and conditions, you agree to the following:

When do i pay for lessons?

We like to make payment as easy and convenient as possible for you. Your monthly tuition price as listed on our website is the amount you will pay each month for lessons whether you end up having 3 lessons or 5 lessons that month. We've calculated it to keep it as easy as possible for you. We'll email your invoice in the final week before the first of the month and payment is due on the date listed in your invoice. Payments made after the final due date will incur a $20 late fee. Read more about our Tuition Policy here.

Auto Pay: Give us a call to set up auto payment, you'll still receive your emailed invoice for your review, then sit back, relax knowing the total invoice amount will be automatically debited on the first of every month. ACH is free, but credit cards result in an additional 3.5% processing fee.

Pay Online: Through your digital invoice, you can quickly and safely click on the secured link sent through Intuit and make payment by completing a simple form. If you like, create an account to make it even easier the next time around, just please remember to pay on time!

Check: Through your digital invoice, you'll receive our mailing address should you prefer to send a check in the mail.

Card Payments: We are more than happy to accept payment via debit and credit card through our online system, or through auto pay. As a growing music school trying to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, at this time it is necessary for us to pass the 3.5% card processing fee onto our customers. Just let our office know that you want to pay by card when your invoice arrives, and we will happily get you set up. It's simple!

What is the cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a lesson, contact your teacher ASAP. We have calculated the average number of lessons a family takes in the course of a year, and the new monthly tuition rate is priced lower than our current non-tuition fees to accommodate for student cancellations during the course of the year.

Am i locked into a contract?

Absolutely not. There's enough contracts around our lives that we definitely don't need any more for music lessons. We just follow the simple guidelines of:

1. Please contact the office if you will be discontinuing lessons. You can reach us at (425) 951-9758 or via email at hello@awsom.info.

2. If students take prolonged breaks of more than 3 weeks, we may have to give up your space to another student on our waitlist. When you are ready for lessons again, you'll need to re-apply by completing our enrollment form.

3. Sometimes things come up on a regular basis that clash with music lessons. We ask that you keep your music lesson date and time a priority, and do your best to work around it in the schedule. Where students are regularly cancelling lessons, the teacher may take the decision to end lessons. Our teachers depend on a reliable and steady income so need to fill their schedule with students who can commit to regular lessons.

is our teacher safe? 

Rest assured, we run background checks on all our teachers, have them complete a thorough child protection course, and require them to attend lessons under no influence of alcohol or drug substances. All of our teachers are contractors, and as such act independently from AWSOM. We cannot guarantee their decisions, and we do not represent them in the event of any accusations. AWSOM acts as a facilitator matching students with teachers, but offer no guarantees to our teachers or students of the safety of either. 


Your teacher is only at your house to teach music lessons. 

Teachers are not to be left home alone with your child without a designated guardian. 

Teachers are not babysitters and are not responsible for the welfare or transportation of your child under any circumstances.

In consideration of possible pet allergies and distractions, please keep pets restrained from teachers upon entering your home and away from the teaching area during lesson times.