Summer Lesson Policy

Did you know that summer is the perfect time to take music lessons? Kids have more time and energy to practice, teachers have more flexibility in their schedules, and our new policies are designed to meet all your summer lesson needs. Plus, extra sunshine makes everything more AWSOM!

If you are interested in taking advantage of this seasonal opportunity, check out our policies below:



You can choose to be charged per lesson at the individual lesson rate, just let us know before June 1st!



We have two options for those wanting to take lessons through the summer months of July and August:

1. Business as usual.

Continue your lessons as normal, with no change in the policies as listed above. Summer lessons are fun! They provide a unique opportunity for students to grow very quickly due to extra practice time and flexible schedules. By the end of summer, these students will be far ahead of their peers who chose to take the time off!

2. 5 lesson package - Any time, any day

It can be challenging to make progress on playing a piece of music if you have to miss too many lessons in the summer. As a result, our teachers offer a package of 5 flexibly scheduled lessons! Using the teacher's flexible summer schedule, students have the chance to:

1. Write their own composition

2. Prepare for and perform at a small family recital

3. Try out a different instrument

4. Learn their favorite popular song

5.  Anything else that you, the student, and the teacher would like to explore

Don't miss this opportunity to take advantage of your teacher's expertise in the world of music this summer!



Master Teachers (5 lessons)

Associate Teachers (5 lessons)

30 minute lessons: $250

45 minute lessons: $350

60 minute lessons: $425

30 minute lessons: $225

45 minute lessons: $300

60 minute lessons: $350


Our teachers have a lot of flexibility in the start of summer, but that extra time dries up quickly with new students, gigs, travel plans, and summer project scheduling. As a result, we cannot guarantee make-ups for missed lessons. If you provide at least 48 hours of notice, then we will refund that lesson as a credit towards future invoices. 

Withdraw for the Summer

Some of our families have ties across the world, and use the summer break as a chance to travel and reconnect. Please let us know if you need to withdraw, and we will send you a brief form to submit to stop your tuition charges.


Re-enroll in the fall

When students withdraw from lessons for the summer, our teachers still have to pay full price for their rent/mortgages, student loans, and groceries. As a result, we work extra hard to fill their schedules in the summer with new students. In the fall your current teacher may not have room for you! In this case, we will offer free trials with our available teachers until you find one that suits you. If none of the teachers meet your needs, we will freely offer referrals to other local teachers whom we trust.