How do I sign up for a free lesson?

You can click here!

I don't see the instrument listed that I want to learn?

If you don't see the instrument that you want to learn listed on our website we would love to hear from you. Send a quick email to our office, we would love to connect you with a local teacher that comes with our recommendation!

How do I pay for lessons?

We like to make payment as easy and convenient as possible for you. Your monthly tuition price as listed on our website is the amount you will pay each month for lessons whether you end up having 3 lessons or 5 lessons that month. We've calculated it to keep it as easy as possible for you. We'll email your invoice in the final week before the first of the month and payment is due on the date listed in your invoice. Payments made after the final due date will incur a $20 late fee. Read more about our Tuition Policy here.

Auto Pay: We have a secure, easy-to-use online form for you to set up auto payment. You'll still receive your emailed invoice for your review, but then you can sit back and relax knowing the total invoice amount will be automatically debited on the first of every month. This is option is compatible with ACH or Credit/Debit Cards.

Pay Online: Through your digital invoice, you can quickly and safely click on the secured link sent through Intuit and make payment by completing a simple form. If you like, create an account to make it even easier the next time around, just please remember to pay on time!

Check: Through your digital invoice, you'll receive our mailing address should you prefer to send a check in the mail.

Card Payments: We are more than happy to accept payment via debit and credit card through our online system, or through auto pay. As a growing music school trying to keep our prices as reasonable as possible, at this time it is necessary for us to pass the 3.5% card processing fee onto our customers. Just let our office know that you want to pay by card when your invoice arrives, and we will happily get you set up. It's simple!

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel a lesson, contact your teacher ASAP. Tuition is only affected by teacher cancellations. Student cancellations have already been taken into account in our monthly tuition price.

What if the student is sick? 

We know that sickness is an inevitable thing when it comes to kids, school and playing outside. We ask that if you consider your child not well enough to be at school, that you would cancel the lesson with your teacher. Since we travel to many students homes all day, we not only don't want to be catching any bugs but more importantly, don't want to be spreading the sickness to all our other students that day. Learning a musical instrument is quite hands on, and germs can spread incredibly quickly. It's always a good idea to have some sanitizing wipes near your instrument to make sure your instrument is kept germ-free! 

How do I get books for lessons?

Don't worry about having to swing by the music store every few months, our teacher will take care of ordering books for you! We will automatically include the cost of your book on your next invoice.

Do you offer recitals?

Yes! We offer recitals biannually in May and December. We don't require students to attend, but we think they are too fun not to attend. We don't do big, scary stages and spotlights in a dark room. We do relaxed, fun, friendly, and lots of clapping recitals at Northwest Pianos in Bellevue. There is a small charge for students performing at the recital to cover engraved medals and certificates. 

What about Exams and Competition? 

We offer exams through the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, read more by clicking the link. These exams are comprehensive through both music theory as well as performance and give students a world-renown platform from which to enter for scholarships and college music programs. Competitions are also a great way of getting involved in music locally and meeting fellow musicians. Get in touch with your teacher to find a competition that might suit you and your instrument. 

Can i hire my teacher to perform?

We are happy to help facilitate any performances you would like to have your teacher provide. Please click here to make a formal request.

Help! My child isn't practicing?

If you ask your teacher if they grew up being the perfect musician and practiced an hour every day, you'll probably discover that wasn't quite true for them. All kids, and even adults go through short, medium and long phases of not wanting to practice quite as much as they have in the past. If our parents had stopped us right there and then thinking our love for the instrument was finished, where would we be today? Persistence through those hard-to-practice times is key, and allowing kids the space to take times where they might practice a little less than expected. One of the best things you can do is talk to your teacher, they might be able to come up with some great ideas for ways to change the lesson up, add or remove elements of the lesson goals and make the learning more fun during that season!

Do you offer anything for charities?

Yes! We donate one month of 30 minute lessons to fundraiser requests. We do require that the fundraiser causes aligns with our causes of education and children. You can find the form by clicking here.

Do you teach during holidays?

AWSOM holidays are built-in days off for you and your teacher, and are listed below. Tuition does not change during months that include an official school holiday, and there are no credits or refunds for these days. When calculating your tuition rates, these dates were taken into account. 

  • Labor Day weekend

  • Memorial Day weekend

  • Thanksgiving: Thursday and Friday

  • Winter Break: December 24th through January 1st

  • 4th of July

Have you checked to make sure our teacher is safe? 

Rest assured, our interview process is thorough and extensive. We run background checks on all our teachers, have them complete thorough child protection courses and require them to attend lessons under no influence of alcohol or drug substances.

How do I withdraw from lessons?

If you would like to stop lessons with your teacher, you will need to submit the withdrawal form. Please click here.

Have a Different Question?

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