Families at the Seattle Symphony

Did you know the Seattle Symphony has an entire concert series dedicated to families? And they are amazing experiences for everyone involved! These concerts do a great job turning the renown Benaroya Hall into a warm and inviting atmosphere where kids of all ages are free to explore the joys of classical music. They cater these performances to be inclusive, and you can expect to find fun and engaging music with timing designed with a child’s attention span in mind. To name a few, they have events for young toddlers, sensory friendly concerts, holiday celebrations, and my favorite, movie music!

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of attending a truly unique concert by the Seattle Symphony. They performed the entire soundtrack of the movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Not only did we get the hear the magic of John William’s composition played live, but we did so while watching the film. That’s right, they had a giant screen mounted above the the orchestra what showed the movie while the orchestra played every single note from start to finish! The outcome truly felt magical and you could feel the radiating energy coming from the audience throughout the entire show. It was incredibly memorable!

Recently, the Seattle Symphony announced that in July the orchestra will be doing a similar performance with the film, Star Wars: A New Hope. You can bet that I will be there, lightsaber in hand, ready for another incredible experience! Who is with me?

You can find more information about this performance by visiting the Seattle Symphony’s website.