“But Mom! I Don’t Want To Practice!”

By Andrew White

When I was 8, I remember sitting on my bed in floods of tears coming up with every excuse why I did not want to practice! I couldn’t practice because my finger hurt, because the piano needed tuning, because I had lost my book, because my brother was practicing, because, because because... And now I run a music school! How did that happen?

Occasionally, I get to hear some great reasons for a lack of practice that week, and a handful of times have heard kids say “I just don’t want to play piano anymore” to which I reply, “Oh no! I said that when I was your age, and now I run a music school – be careful what you wish for!” Practicing an instrument is something that takes time and effort. At first it comes easily, but when pieces get more challenging it can become a tougher daily task to achieve.

Some parents take the view that their kids should practice on their own without any reminders – good luck! I love music but I also required daily reminders – “Andrew, you need to practice the piano!” Sometimes I happily obliged, sometimes I kicked up a fit. But, I appreciated the reminder because it made me all the more excited for my lesson knowing that I was well prepared for it. 

This week, try reminding your kid on a daily basis to practice their instrument, sit with them, enjoy their achievements in it and praise them for their efforts! I guarantee it will make their lesson day something they look forward to even more!

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