Ankita's Top Tips for Learning Music!

We had some outstanding entries for our blog post competition. The winner receives the privilege of having their post as AWSOM's very first blog entry, and the winner is... Ankita K!

Top Ten Tips to Learn an Instrument

By: Ankita Kumar

Here are my top ten tips to learn an instrument:

  1. Make sure you actually want to learn the instrument. When you’re forced, you don’t do your best.
  2. Put all your effort into learning it. Keep practicing; it’s important.
  3. Getting a teacher who’s a professional is important too. It’s ideal to have someone teach you instead of you teaching yourself. You can make many mistakes and continue them.
  4. Try using different brands of piano books, the different tips in each piano book would be helpful.
  5. Using theory books would also be helpful, it’s like having homework but instead of math it’s about the instrument you’re learning!!! Theory would help with learning the notes, and all kinds of things.
  6. Make sure you’re having fun learning the instrument. It’s important to have the excitement and the will to learn it.
  7. Always start with the basics. As you become better, you advance to the harder pieces of music.
  8. Make sure you are comfortable while playing the instrument, have your back straight and your chin-up.
  9. Make goals, like practice every day for thirty minutes or master a piece of music by the end of the week.
  10. Before you start any piano session, it’s best to warm up your fingers, like do scales.