Maximizing Your Lessons

Maximizing Your Lessons

By Jason Jackowich

With drum lessons ranging from only 30 to 60 minutes a week, it’s very important to be looking at ways to maximize that time. What do we actually retain? What were those breakout chops we learned? 

I remember sitting down to my kit the day after a breakthrough lesson, picking up my sticks, and then ended up just staring at them for a bit. There was no way I could duplicate what I had learned. Sure the particular beat or chop was written down for me, but when I began practicing it, I wasn't able to conjure the same energy that I had in lesson. Why is this the case?  

A Little Heaven in Your Home: Is Learning to Play Harp Right for You?

You probably just read that sentence and paused at "harp". Most people are surprised and intrigued when I tell them I am a harpist. Perhaps you have some questions about this elegant instrument. So I am dedicating this post to answering the most frequently asked questions about the harp and my experience as a harpist.