In Home Music Schools


Ever wondered what it would be like for your teacher to come to YOU? These are the reasons that AWSOM families prefer in home music lessons!

Travel time
Getting kids into a car and then driving them for 10 minutes to a piano lesson doesn’t seem like much at first, but the numbers add up quickly! A 10 minute drive each way, with 5 minutes of loading/unloading at either end, tallies up 30 minutes each week. Plus, if your child is in a 30 lesson, then you are required to spend that 30 minutes in the studio, waiting! One hour of your time is spent each week outside of your home.

Money Note: The gross median wage in the USA is $21.50/hour. This means that each year, you miss out on $1,118.00 of potential earnings on 52 hours of “lessons” in 52 weeks! With in-home music lessons, your time is your own, whether that means putting in an extra hour at your home office or getting some chores done.


If your kids are like most, then they already have a LOT on their plates. In home lessons takes one of those trips away and allows them to learn a real skill in the comfort of their own home. Plus, our instructors can come at just the right time, so that your children can get the most out of their schedule.


By working with a school, like AWSOM, you maximize your chances of finding the right teacher for you. With policies like our free trials, you can keep trying out teachers until you find the right one. Of course, we pride ourselves on getting it right the first time, most of the time!

In home music schools are remote organizations, which means we can be practically everywhere! If you like our service, but your teacher-seeking friend lives on the other side of Seattle, then it is likely we can still serve them with an AWSOM teacher. In addition, if you have to move within the city or to one of our other cities, then you can rest assured that an AWSOM teacher will meet your family wherever you are!


AWSOM offers two annual student recitals, and our emphasis on convenience can be found there as well! We choose a central location and offer numerous small recitals (30-60 minutes) in lieu of a gigantic 3 hour recital. This allows your family to hear all the different instruments AWSOM students are working on, without requiring you to feel obligated to stay for everyone else’s kids! Plus, we have free refreshments and the kids always get a certificate and a hefty brass medal, both with their names on it!

In addition, our tuition policy is structured to maximize flexibility. We’ve already taken student cancellations into account, so if you need to cancel last minute there are no worries! Your teacher’s pay only gets affected when they cancel a lesson, so you don’t have to worry about upsetting them with too many missed lessons.

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As a hip young school, we love technology. Therefore, we accept everything but Venmo and cash, and we only charge a little extra for credit/debit cards (3.5%). Otherwise, you can choose Autopay, Bill Pay, and checks. We even send you an email with your invoice every month, which can be paid monthly, using whichever method you prefer.  

Customer Service:
Admittedly, we have had to learn some hard lessons when it comes to taking care of our AWSOM families. But every day we do better than yesterday, and now I am proud to say that our team of dedicated staff (all AWSOM teachers, as well!) and technological systems are the best they have ever been. We reply to your emails, phone calls, and texts promptly, effectively, and professionally. And if we don’t, simply send an email to me, the owner (Nathan Straub, and I will personally see to it that your query is quickly resolved.

Some Embarrassing Confessions..

Music teachers are not known for being organized business people, so it can be really hard to get music lessons started, even if the student is willing! Scheduling, payments, recitals, and customer service are difficult for a single teacher to manage, and this often results in students falling through the cracks.

AWSOM sets out every day to make the process of learning music as seamless as possible. No more low quality, inconsistent, egomaniacal instructors. Our teachers are thoroughly vetted, well trained, know what they’re doing, and get real joy from working with their students. Best of all, they let us handle the business stuff so they can focus on what they do best: Teaching students to make beautiful music! And all in the comfort of your own home.