Careers In Music

By Nathan Straub

Growing up, my dad always told me to do what I love, and the money will come. Years later, I'm standing at the end of my education wondering what comes next? What can you do with a music degree? Surprisingly, there are many different paths that musicians can take their gifts along. Of course, there are the well-known routes of rock star, opera diva, and concert pianist. But did you know that there are administrative jobs in universities, orchestras, opera houses, and many businesses that provide excellent compensation and hire music majors? Following is a list of careers for musicians who want to keep music as a part of their lives!

College Music Professor

If you're interested in researching music, leading ensembles full of talented college students, and teaching private lessons, then this is the career for you! 

Professional Opera Chorister

Both the Metropolitan Opera and Chicago Lyric Opera pay full time salaries for a company of singers to fortify their mesmerizing productions.

Public Music Teacher

Every musician starts somewhere, and very commonly that starting point is in the classroom of your local public school!

Private Music Teacher

Of course, teaching privately has many wonderful opportunities, that we at AWSOM work hard to facilitate, and is a very rewarding career!

Arts Administration

When it comes to running an opera house, orchestra, or local music school, an Arts Administration job gives business-minded people the chance to use their gifts to benefit their communities.

CEO (see George Barrett!)

Law Schools, Medical Schools, and Business Schools have had considerable success with music majors, considering their monumental work ethic, creativity, and ability to perform under pressure.

There are even more opportunities in this list of 70+ different jobs that open to music majors!