Jumping Into Multiple Instruments

By Andrew White 

We are privileged to live in a part of the world where learning an instrument is an easily accessible and enjoyable thing we can take part in. Growing up I often thought, I wonder what it’s like to play this instrument, or that instrument, and while my parents afforded me the opportunity with many instruments there’s still more I want to learn! 

So what’s the point in learning multiple instruments? Having learned piano primarily, I was then given the opportunity to learn the trombone, and then on to drums, tuba and euphonium for shorter stints. Each of these gave me an insight into a completely different world of music.

1. Learning multiple instruments gives us a great musical theory base.

Regardless of whether we are looking at going on to study music in college or not, understanding musical theory is helpful throughout life, and having the musical understanding of multiple types of musical instruments and families is an amazing opportunity to rapidly increase our musical theory knowledge. 

2. It provides a great of options for orchestras and bands.

One of the easiest ways to make yourself more desirable to the band leader or orchestral conductor is having the ability to fill in different instrument positions. Perhaps their piano role is filled, but they need a trombonist. Or maybe, they’re short someone in the percussion section. Well, you’re the person for the job! Whether you have a solid understanding of the instrument, or are more a beginner, you’ll be in high demand by playing so many instruments.

3. Your musical understanding grows exponentially. 

It took me a long time to learn the piano… I still am in fact! The trombone was a quicker instrument to learn but by the time I got to drums I had such a solid musical appreciation of note reading and all the musical terms that I flew through multiple books in just a matter of a few lessons. It all came so naturally, not because drums is an easy instrument, but because I was able to apply my knowledge from my other instruments so readily.

4. It opens up opportunities in the future!

If you ask most of our teachers what they thought they would be doing for work, very few saw themselves going into a music teacher position but are now so glad they did. Their music lessons on various instruments as a child allows them now to teach and have an understanding of not just their instrument of choice, but of a range of instruments. 

5. You can start a one man band.

Let’s face it. We all love the street performer who's knocking cymbals on his knees, swinging a tambourine round his elbow, blowing a harmonica, and tapping a drum. While you might not see it in your future, hey - it would be a great party trick!

At AWSOM, we have a great opportunity for you to jump into learning multiple instruments. We are now offering lessons in piano, voice, guitar, drums, woodwind, brass and harp. Not sure if you’d be interested in the instrument yet? Simply fill in our online form at www.awsom.info/enroll and request a free introductory lesson - our teachers will be happy to bring an instrument to your house and show you the ropes. From there, you decide! Just remember, there’s so many benefits to being multi-instrument capable.