New Teaching Internship Program

By Nathan Straub

The Andrew White School of Music is proud to announce the addition of a Teaching Internship Program to our services. Internships provide valuable experience for aspiring music teachers while providing AWSOM students with the same high quality of lessons you have come to expect from AWSOM.  

Assurance in Quality

All Intern Music Teachers are current students or recent graduates of a university Music or Music Education program and are selected for the Teaching Internship Program based on the same criteria we use when hiring all our Music Teachers. They are all highly skilled in their instrument(s) and bring a range of specialized training and experience with them. Because Interns are not certified music teachers, we are able to offer lessons with them at a lower rate without losing the quality you've come to expect from AWSOM. Each Intern Music Teacher will be guided and receive mentorship from our specially chosen Fulfillment Coaches, AWSOM Teachers with many years of teaching experience. In addition, our Fulfillment Coaches will be observing our Intern Music Teachers during lessons on a regular basis. This helps the Fulfillment Coaches to quickly improve the Intern Music Teacher’s performance while ensuring that students are getting a high quality lesson. Additional support is given to the Intern Music Teacher in the form of weekly meetings with their Fulfillment Coach. These are designed to keep track of the Intern Music Teacher’s progress while filling in the gaps for what it takes to be an AWSOM teacher.

Investing in Musicians

In addition to getting a great quality teacher, you can also feel good about helping new musicians succeed. The music world is renowned for being highly competitive. Our program makes it possible for Music and Music Education University students to gain paid teaching experience while finishing their degree and recently graduated musicians to have an amazing job right out of college. The great thing about this is instead of stressing about finding a job or gaining experience, they can spend that extra energy focusing on becoming better musicians, which in turn makes them a valuable teacher with real-world perspective. At AWSOM, we love our teachers because we know that great teachers create hundreds of new musicians.

For more information please visit our Internship page on our website. Contact us to sign up for an intern lesson today and learn how an Intern Music Teacher can bring a whole new energy and enthusiasm to the learning experience!