Make Your Christmas Musical

By Andrew White

What better time of year than Christmas and the new year to celebrate music and have a good sing-along! All of our AWSOM students have been learning some great pieces to get into the festive mood, so how can you make the most of these well learned pieces of music?

Host a sing-along! Invite friends, family and neighbors to a little concert at your house. This is a great opportunity to not only build friendships, but also to sing a song or two, and showcase the incredible talent of your musical family member! Who can resist food, drinks and best of all, live entertainment per your musical student!

Send a Musical video! Let your family and friends know how excellent your student is by emailing them a video of their Christmas music. Or why not post on Facebook? Kids love the recognition in their learning from friends near and far!

Just listen and appreciate! One thing kids love is parents taking a moment to pause in this hectic season and appreciate the music they have been learning. Show them how important their musical learning is and give them a few minutes of your busy day to enjoy some musical tunes!

Host a concert! Invite some other friends that play instruments, or the same instrument, and host your own concert! If you're feeling really fancy, you can even put together a program for the audience to read through. 

All a little bit much? Then be sure to sign up for one of our recitals next time around so your kids can showcase their excellent improvement in music!

Most of all though, have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year. It's been a privilege to see so many students excel this year in their musical learning. I along with all of our AWSOM teachers are very proud of you! Keep up the great work.