How to Prepare and Get Totally AWSOM Results From Your First Guitar Lesson

By Michaud Savage

Hey there! My name is Michaud and I'm the new guitar teacher with AWSOM. I'm very excited to be a part of this team of wonderful music teachers, and am looking forward to meeting all of you who want to learn guitar!!! But in the meanwhile, I thought it might be a good idea to share a few ways to help you get started before the first lesson.

First and most importantly- pick up your instrument :-D! Get comfortable holding your guitar; see how it sounds, how it feels to pluck each string; stuff like that. Remember, instruments can make big sounds, but they are fragile, so be careful and gentle. Play free! Playing free and fast! Playing free and slow..... Experiment!!!!!!

Next, go ahead a look online and learn the different names of the parts of the guitar (like the neck, body, face, back, the bell); this information is useful in understanding how to talk about the guitar in a lesson. And then, the most important thing of all when learning how to play guitar, is learning the tuning. The tuning is super important in understanding your instrument, and so if you can show up to your first lesson with that in the bag, you're going to be starting out with gusto.

There are some of the beginning things you can do to get a head start on your lesson. To review:

  • Play your instrument

  • Know the guitar parts

  • ****Learn the tuning of your guitar****

Have fun getting to know your instrument, and I look forward to our lesson together!