Alisa's Ideas To Make Piano Practice More Enjoyable

By Alisa D. (10 years old)

"When I first started piano practicing I got bored easily with my pieces, but after this year I've found some tips to clear my boredom and frustration. My first tip is to practice in smaller chunks of time throughout the day. Another tip is if you're struggling on a piece, I recommend you take a break and play a piece you know. Because sometimes, playing something you do like, helps with the harder piece. Another way to help with boredom is if you are bored with your pieces you can skip ahead with your pieces and play a different piece that you were not assigned to.

Sometimes it's hard to feel the need to sit down and practice. So this is what I do to help with that. Keep your piano in a central place so whenever you walk by it you can just sit down and play, also keeping the lid open helps to.

Another benefit is that playing piano helps me with other instruments."


If you are an AWSOM student - we would love to read your blog posts too! Submit them to to be considered. It's a great idea to entertain the kids for an afternoon this summer! A huge well done to Alisa for writing this great blog post! Very informative, interesting and helpful - great work!