Meet Luiggi- Associate Guitar and Piano Teacher

Luiggi is an experienced teacher and musician in the greater Seattle area. His main instrument is guitar but he also plays bass. He is currently working on his Bachelor’s of Music at the University of Washington with a focus on jazz studies. He has performed in several venues across town ranging in genres like rock, R&B, blues, jazz, and funk. He is also a songwriter/composer who is currently working on an album set to be released late 2019. When he is not working on musical ideas he enjoys film, and literature.

Luiggi’s approach to teaching is broken into three fundamental areas. Those areas are: Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony. Understanding how to structure those fundamental ideas into specialized lessons is a key factor in his success. He also has a focus on learning songs that his students are interested in order to make the lessons fulfilling and entertaining. One of his students’ parents have stated the following:

“Luiggi has been teaching our 9 year old daughter, Maggie, to play guitar since August of this year.

She has made great progress and we attribute this to Luiggi’s natural teaching abilities.

Additionally, he has a positive attitude and manages to instruct while making it fun.  Also, he is patient and consistent.”

His goal as a teacher is to inspire his students to learn and grow musically. He strives for excellence and quality of lessons he can provide to any student regardless of their skill level, background, or experience.


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30 minutes     $145

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60 minutes     $260