Meet John - Master Piano Teacher

At five years of age, John’s mother suspected that he might be gifted in music, so she enrolled him in piano lessons. She was right. After studying classical piano as a young boy, John taught himself the art of improvisation. In his teen years he began writing and performing music, then after he graduated from high school, he enrolled at Seattle Pacific University and continued studying piano. In 1981 he graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in music education and music theory & literature.

After earning his teacher’s certificate, John soon discovered that he enjoyed teaching children. For many years he would teach piano after school, as well as on Saturday mornings. John has taught music in school classrooms for over 30 years. He has a broad range of experience with all types of musical instruments and styles—but his favorite is the piano!

John loves to individualize his teaching so that each student can excel in the type of music they would most like to play or write. Children or adults of any age will enjoy John’s lively instructional style.


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30 minutes     $190

45 minutes     $260

60 minutes     $310

John is great with kids. Both of our 6 year old and 8 year old daughters love their piano lessons and are showing great progress. We also save time on travel and the stress related to getting all three kids in the car.
— Nick
We highly recommend John Hart as an excellent piano instructor. He challenges our son while at the same time keeping the lessons fun and all of that in a non-threatening atmosphere. Our son’s love of piano has grown under John’s tutelage.
— Sean
John has been a blessing to our daughter learning the piano. He breaks down the learning into small steps, he’s encouraging, and positive. He is able to read our daughter’s interest level and challenge her accordingly with a little humor thrown into the mix. We are thrilled with how beautifully she plays in such a short period with John. We highly recommend him!
— Cathy
It’s been about 7 months since my daughter started lessons with John at AWSOM. We like how he explains concepts in a clear manner and encourages her progress. She has learned a lot under his good teaching!
— Georgialee
John is very patient and good piano teacher. My 5 year old is thriving with him!
— Prasanthi
John has been great with our 7 year old daughter! She is a beginner and learned piano for about a year with another teacher until that teacher decided to retire. We then luckily found John. John is great with kids at this age. He’s patient and encouraging, yet is able to keep our super active and chatty daughter focused on learning during each class. I’m surprised how much progress my daughter has made! Nowadays I can even enjoy the pieces she practices on, she’s having fun learning and playing too. I plan to enroll our five year old with John too!
— Estelal