Meet Yusi - Associate Piano Teacher

 Yusi enjoys teaching music to all ages. She really believes that music can provide numerous benefits for everyone. From helping students develop emotional intelligence to improving creativity too. Yusi believes that everyone is different, and a music teacher’s job is to inspire and draw out the individual musical potential of each of her students. Yusi enjoys teaching classical, jazz, pop, Broadway, and even modern/experimental music, providing students with a wide perspective on music. Yusi also enjoys teaching improvisation, sight-singing, listening, theory, and score study. Different approaches help to develop the imagination, self-expression, and emotional maturity of each student. 

     Yusi received her Bachelor’s in music composition at the University of Washington, where she studied with Huck Hodge and Joël-Francois Durand. At the UW she was the proud recipient of the William Bergsma Scholarship for Musical Excellence. You'll often find Yusi composing and playing music that explores various elements in sound, such as timbre, rhythm, pitch, and form.


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30 minutes     $145

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60 minutes     $260