At AWSOM, we love that teachers who join us are of various levels, qualifications and experience in their music teaching journey. Some are right at the beginning of their music teaching career, and some are well on their way to 20 years + experience in teaching. As such, we have a teacher level system for you to easily identify which teacher is at which level. 


Our master teachers have advanced degrees in music, have extensive teaching experience, and are committed to AWSOM. These teachers have given their lives to music, and know how to successfully navigate the competitive field. Students can rest easy knowing they are in good hands at all levels with master teachers. 

monthly tuition RATES

30 minutes     $190

45 minutes     $260

60 minutes     $310


Associate teachers are highly-qualified teachers with a completed degree in music. These teachers have a deep passion for music and teaching, and they have spent many years honing their skills and studying their craft. These teachers are great for beginning, intermediate, or advanced students!

monthly tuition RATES

30 minutes     $170

45 minutes     $220

60 minutes     $260


Intern teachers are exceptionally talented musicians who are currently enrolled as a music major at a college or university. In addition to their training in school, they are also in the process of completing AWSOM’s pedagogy training program which focuses on teaching in private lesson settings specifically. Intern teachers, with the support of their dedicated AWSOM fulfillment coach, are perfect teachers for students who are looking for a close bond as they grow together.

monthly tuition RATES

30 minutes     $130

45 minutes     $180

60 minutes     $220

Need help deciding which tier is best for you? We are happy to help, just send us a message!

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