Instrument Rental Agreement


Student Name
Student Name
How long is this rental agreement valid?
I agree to the minimum rental period stated by AWSOM. If I wish to return the instrument early, I will still be responsible for making payments to AWSOM for the duration of the contract. *
I agree to pay $40/month while the above instrument is in my possession. *
I agree that this is a rental agreement, and that the above named instrument is the property of AWSOM. *
I agree to return this instrument in the same condition it was given to me, or else pay for all repairs and/or replacement. *
I agree to return this instrument on time, give or take 1 week, by either having my teacher take it with them after a lesson, or shipping it to the company's mailing address at my own expense. *
I agree that failure to return the instrument by its due date, give or take one week, will result in me being charged for the full price of the instrument, due immediately. I also understand that after making reasonable attempts to collect the instrument and/or payment, AWSOM will send the invoice to a collections agency. *
Parent, Legal Guardian, or Student (18+) Signature *
Parent, Legal Guardian, or Student (18+) Signature
Date *