As one of the most fundamental of the core musical instruments, the piano has captured the hearts of musicians everywhere, and has brought both children and adults to its inviting keys. Piano lessons will equip you to play whatever it is your heart desires. Whether you want to sing along to Frozen or perform a signature Tchaikovsky, our teachers have what it takes to get you there.

Seattle: Meet Arami, Bridget, Bonnie, Catrin, Hanae, Igor, Javier, Jeffrey, John Hart, John LeeJustinKate, Landon, LuiggiNathan, Nayoung, Nicole, William, and Yusi

Los Angeles: Meet Breana, Darian, Dillon, Jason, Jennie, Jeremy, Laura, Sandra, and Zeth

New York: Meet Addy, Ajda, Benjamin, Charlotte, Federico, Franzi, Lu, Naiwei, and TJ

Madison: Meet Liz