Phone Interview Form

Please inform the potential teacher of the following things we are looking for:

  1. Be willing to and capable of inspiring students in their musical education

  2. Offer high quality music teaching in the Greater Seattle area

  3. Be able to drive a reasonable distance to students’ homes

  4. Adhere to our child protection policy

  5. Be very punctual in their schedule and lesson attendance

  6. Be an excellent communicator with our staff, students, and their parents.


Date of Interview
Date of Interview
Do you have reliable access to a working vehicle?
Do you have significant experience with Google Calendar?
Do you have experience with email?
Do you have a smartphone that can download apps?
Will we be able to reach you by both email and text?
Do you have a criminal history?
Have you ever been accused of, charged with, indicted, or in any other way implicated or connected with an instance of child abuse?
Ok, here is a quick music theory test: Can you spell an F minor chord?
What is your teaching availability?
1-5? 10-15? 25-30?