Meet Nicole - Associate Piano, Voice, and Trombone Teacher

When 3-year-old Nicole was standing on her tippy toes and pressing the keys of the piano, her parents knew music would be a big part of her life. They were right! Nicole has studied classical piano since she was 5 years old. In middle school, she played the flute for two years. When she reached high school, her band teacher made it clear that there were too many flutes, so she picked up the trombone her grandfather had gifted to her brother. Throughout her formative years, she also dabbled in cello, violin, guitar, clarinet, saxophone, and voice. She received a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences at the University of California, Davis in Music Performance (both trombone and vocal) and Geology. She's a ROCK singer! 

Nicole has performed in musical theater, various ensembles (including concert, jazz, funk, and marching), and has performed solo recitals in piano, trombone, and voice. She believes that music enriches the lives of every person, and loves to share her passion for music with her students. When she isn't teaching, she enjoys dancing salsa and swing, hiking with her dog, rock climbing, and of course playing music (trombone, voice, and piano) whenever she gets the chance!


30 minutes     $145

45 minutes     $220

60 minutes     $260