Meet Laura - Associate Voice and Piano Teacher

Laura Altenor has her degree in Music Education from the University of Massachusetts Lowell and is now enrolled in a masters program in Music Education. Her roots in singing began at the age of five primarily in the church choir. Laura began teaching church Sunday school at the age of 12. She taught chorus, dance, and acting at her local Boys and Girls Club in Everett. She sang in the Northeastern District Choir as well as the All State Choir of 2010 where she sang a solo at Symphony Hall in Boston. Laura was selected to be in the Sound of America Choir that tours Europe for a month singing in numerous cathedrals all around Europe where she sang opera and Italian arias.   She also has been in Off-Broadway musicals such as Chicago, Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Color Purple, Bare:The Pop Opera and now she is a lead for brand new musical called “This is Treatment” which is written by a Broadway director based in Boston, Massachusetts. Laura’s most recent European tour was with the USA Original Gospel singers. In her lessons, Laura teaches genres such as classical, musical theatre, rhythm and blues, jazz, pop and soul. She teaches the art of belting in a safe way for singers, breathe control, performance, and even acting. Laura wants her students to learn the art of singing but also to know how to perform on a stage and to be able to show the characters on the stage through song


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