we are looking to hire exceptional students studying in a music-related field with a passion to share their love for music with others. find out more about what our intern teachers are saying, and read on for more info.  

I’m so excited to be working with AWSOM as an intern. Believing in one’s product is a core of good business and the support system offered to interns by AWSOM is a fabulous way to believe in and market my teaching product now with a highly reviewed company. While at the same time, knowing that by graduation I will be that much more prepared and hireable as a teacher. It is evident that both the company and fulfillment coaches want to invest in young teachers and that alone makes it an exciting opportunity!
— Stephanie, former Intern Piano Teacher
Our Internship Program offers undergraduate students a rare opportunity to teach in the real world. Not only is this an excellent resume booster, but it is a great overall experience. Interns are able to develop their teaching skills with the undying support from the fulfillment coach and the rest of the AWSOM staff and faculty. If you are deeply passionate about music and teaching, please apply!
— Kate, Fulfillment Coach


piano interns - it's our most in demand instrument, and we have students waiting!

voice interns - our students love singing, and they are ready for you.


excellent  -  we hire only the best interns, and our hiring process helps us find them.

enrolled-  actively pursuing a degree in a music education related field

team-players  -  working with others only betters ourselves as teachers.

clean  -  background checked, and in agreement with our drug/alcohol policy.

passionate  -  earning is good, doing what you love is amazing! 

reliable  -  on time, every time, dependable and trustworthy.


Advertising - we handle marketing online and in print advertising to fill your week with students, with a dedicated member of staff devoted to marketing.

Invoicing - don't worry about getting paid, our online payment system is excellent and gets you paid on time.

Scheduling - driving from town to town to town is for buffoons, your schedule will maximize teaching time.

Recitals - planning big events is our thing - leave us to create a memorable experience for your students.

Community - linking you with our teachers provides a community feel where we learn and grow as teachers.

EXPERIENCE - YEARS OF TEACHING IN SEATTLE ALLOWS US THE OPPORTUNITY TO GET YOU TEACHING AND DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. with a devoted member of staff answering phone calls, and email inquiries, we have what you need - all hands on deck to get you students.

support - alongside our dedicated fulfillment coaches, who hold their masters and doctorates in music education, we have you fully supported to grow a small base of students, discover if this is your passion and earn money while studying.

WE OFFER OUR interns

Cover Letter - we're interested in why you want to join us.

Resume - we want to find out what your story is so far.


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