Meet Henry - Associate Guitar, Bass, & Drums Teacher

Henry Szor was born in Paris, France and moved to New York City when he was in high school. Always interested in and drawn to music, Henry began playing guitar, bass, and drums in his youth. Later, he studied music theory, keys, and music production. His earliest teaching jobs were as a private music instructor and a summer music camp counselor at Concordia Conservatory. Over the years, Henry has played, composed, and produced music with many groups of a wide variety of musical genres including Rock, Alternative, Pop, Metal, R&B, Hip Hop, and Fusion. He’s even tried his hand in a few bands, but now freelances on drums and music production out of Funkadelic Studios in New York City. Henry is a proud graduate of Skidmore College, where he played in both jazz and classical ensembles, while giving private music lessons to students of all ages. Henry received his bachelor of arts in music and history from Skidmore. He also spent a summer at New York University studying music production. Henry enjoys teaching because he feels it is his responsibility as a musician to make sure music stays alive throughout the ages, and he is eager to pass down his passion and talent to his students. He also values helping his students learn the meaning of creativity, perseverance, satisfaction and self-love all while building their confidence. Henry has great appreciation for what his music teachers have taught him, and he is eager to share his knowledge and mentor others in all ranges of their musical pursuits.


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