Meet Franziska - Associate Piano & Guitar Teacher

My name is Franziska Szymkowiak, a German music teacher and music freelancer who immigrated to the US in 2013. I have been playing the piano since the age of 6. Growing up in Germany I was taught mostly classical music on the piano. I had 8 years of private lessons and also was taught at the School of Music in Riesa/ Germany for 4 years till the age of 18. Following my musical path, I also taught myself how to play Pop And Rock music. With the age of 15, I taught myself the guitar and learned how to sing and play a large repertoire of old/modern rock and pop songs. After I finished High School in Germany, I started freelancing as a musician in Germany, Australia, and New York, playing the piano and guitar in restaurants, bars, cafes, and a variety of bands. Right now, I am the leader of an NYC band, composing, recording and arranging original music. I immigrated to America in 2013, here I was exposed to different music and I have been learning since then Blues and Jazz on the guitar and piano.
In 2016, I began to work with children as a music enrichment provider. My music classes usually included story reading, singing and playing nursery rhymes with the acoustic guitar, hand plays, playing with percussion (usually egg shakers) and dancing to music. I love to make kids smile through music. My classes had toddlers and up to 6-year-olds and were 15- 45 minutes long.

Working with children made me realize my new passion to teach, and I am hoping now to find the right place to teach piano and guitar and to give kids or adults a tangible skill that provides happiness for their future.


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