Meet Daniel - Associate Trumpet Teacher

Daniel, a Pacific Northwest native, grew up with a distinct affinity for music and music making. His interest in music led him to pursue and complete a Bachelor of Music in Performance from Washington State University, a Master of Music in Performance from Portland State University, and a Doctor of Musical Arts from the University of North Texas. As a professional musician and educator he has extensive experience performing and teaching trumpet. Orchestral and Classical music makes up most of Daniel’s enthusiasm for Western Art music, though he feels comfortable listening and performing jazz. He has also studied and is interested in Music Theory.  

He has performed with numerous ensembles including the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (USA), Washington-Idaho Symphony, Fear No Music, North Texas Wind Symphony, Portland Ballet, and has performed with members of the Oregon Symphony, Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, and more. He has performed and taught clinics and masterclasses for all levels, including Junior, High School, Undergraduate, and Graduate students. His adjudicating experience includes All-Region auditions. His previous students have achieved highest ratings at solo/ensemble competitions and have been placed in honor bands.

Daniel had the honor of studying with world-class teachers who taught diverse pedagogical methods. His teaching style reflects that knowledge and experience by personalizing education for each individual student. He knows that, though there valuable aspects within various pedagogical schools, one teaching method does not fit all and each student is best served with instruction tailored specifically to them.


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