Meet Breana - Associate Woodwinds, Violin, and Piano Teacher

Breana Gilcher, MT-BC  is a multi-instrumentalist, improviser, teacher, and board-certified Music Therapist based in Los Angeles. She has a passion for exploring diverse music idioms, close collaboration with composers and other musicians, and the music of J.S. Bach.

She grew up studying the violin, receiving the opportunity to perform and study with the London Symphony Orchestra at fifteen as a part of their chamber music residency program. Her violin studies were just the beginning of her affinity for learning and developing a partnership with an instrument, and she learned flute, clarinet, and saxophone before being introduced to the oboe, with which she felt an immediate kinship.

Having struggled with and overcome playing-related injuries during her undergraduate studies, she is now an outspoken advocate for musician’s self care, and co-taught a course on musician’s health and injury prevention as a part of CalArt’s interim semester. Her aim is that her students find enjoyment and inspiration in their music learning, while honing a healthy technical facility which allows them to express themselves freely.


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