Meet Destin - Associate Drums Teacher

Destin was born with rhythm flowing through his veins. His parents noticed at an early age
he had a natural ability to move to the music and had an affinity towards it. As a young boy he would watch the drummer at his church and would internalize the rhythms that were played. One day he decided to jump on the drum set and it was there that his love for music was born. 

Destin has been playing the drums since he was eight years old. He started playing for his
church’s band at the age of ten. In middle school, Destin decided to join the instrumental program at his school and began his journey studying music. Destin quickly became a section leader and learned he had a passion for teaching and instruction. It was then that he decided to go to Vanguard University of Southern California where he graduated Magna Cum Laude earning his Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. Destin has studied a wide range of styles as a Percussionist and values the importance of total musicianship. 

He finds there is great importance in mastering music literacy as well as learning to create as an artist. Over the past five years, Destin has successfully started an instrumental program at a small private school and has taught private lessons and ensembles to students ages k-12. After earning his state teaching credential in December 2014, Destin has recently moved to Washington from Southern California at the beginning of the year to seek out new opportunities to teach music. 

Destin’s heart for teaching is that students would develop a passion for music and find joy and satisfaction while growing in musicianship. He seeks to find custom ways to mold instruction so that is accessible to anyone. 


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I appreciate how he tailors his teaching style and techniques to my kids individual learning styles and needs. He takes timeand effort to get to know them and figure out what would work best for each of them. He even takes his own time to research ideas so my daugther with special needs can get the most out of each lesson!
— Lynn
Destin is a great teacher. He is always encouraging and pushing me to do harder things!
— Kenny
I love Mr. Destin as my teacher! He is fun, encouraging and challenging!
— Abby
What I think really worked for Arya is that Destin not only teaches him what’s in the book but encourages him to make up his own music. Every week when Destin comes over to teach, Arya is excited to show him some of his own music. He is an amazing teacher who nourishes kids true talent!
— Haritha

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